These stories will be true me and my partner will be posting and if want any up here then comment below

  • The girl –

    OK I was 10 when this happenned, I lived in a 2 story house (3counting basment) my room was upstairs 2nd story and it’s was one night when all my family was downstairs watching movies having fun etc. that my dad ~father~ told me to go to his room and get something for him so I obeyed and went _his room was next to mine upstairs_ so I had gotten his stuff when I walked out of his room there was a straight path to the stairs and halfway through the path to the side was my room *my room didn’t have a door* , anyway when I was halfway through that path I suddenly stopped walking i felt a cold chill up my back. I suddenly felt WATCHED I slowly looked over to my bed …… I saw a girl in a white gown brown or black eyes I couldn’t tell because it was black my room was litterally painted black chalkboard and she had long black hair no shoes I was frozen in fear I didn’t know what to do but when my dad ~father~ said “what are you doing up there?” I sprung into action and ran for the steps I never looked back but I felt like she was chasing me…. Badng is I moved back into town right next door to that house and it’s still empty the back basement door is always open….

  •  Ok my next story is about something that happened to me when I was 12 so this past year and it had happened in the same exact house as in the last story . As you may not know I had a 4-wheeler sometimes known as a quad , and I sing ALOT but it was different this time because……
    So it was a normal day just doing my stuff cleaning ,getting ready ,cleaning etc. and singing outside!! Well I had did everything on my to~do list so I decided to go outside and sit on the 4-wheeler ~ quad ~ and sing! So I told my parents , an proceeded to outside I sat down on my 4-wheeler ~quad~ and started to sing “blown away by Carrie underwood” coincidence it was stormy that day.Well , anyone feel de-jah-vu? I felt watched again . I had a window in my old bedroom , the window was facing my new home _someone new had moved in to that house I was personal friends with them and even stayed the night a few times _ anyway I was feeling watched from that house , the house has this feeling bout it ….. I looked up at my old house window and someone was smiling at me shaking their head I freaked out , it wasn’t a cheerful smile …. More like a mysterious creepy smile. It was a man this time ….. I thought ” maybe it was my neighbor trying to scare me ! ” no one was there…. But I thought maybe her kid is there so I went over there and knocked . Sam -one of the adults who lived there – opens the door , I told him what had happenned and he said he was in the downstairs bathroom getting ready and was actually in quite a hurry . I said oh! Ok and ran home …….
  • The black silhouette by:heather         this also happenned at the old house lol

I was on the old houses porch swinging on the swing with the kids that lived there , well we were just talking when their mom was inside sitting on the couch listening to music .. when all of the sudden the music blasts all the way up so I get up and I walk inside to check on their mom. They follow me , when we get in I poke their mom she looks up and asks “what?” I said “did you turn up the music?” she said “yes” I said “why?” she said “because I saw a tall black silhouette walking across the living room floor..i turned up the music and closed my eyes to block him out” I ran out the house because I was scared…

this ALSO happened at the old house… a lot of the scary things that have happened to me were in that house.. Anyway

  • The steps by :heather

Ok  had just moved back in town by the old house . No one lived there yet so I kinda missed that house because of the scary things that had happened in that house it made it exciting! So I go over on the porch and swing while getting my phone out .. so I got my phone  out  and played a song I started to sing along with one headphone out …. when I suddenly get a cold chill down my back,  I stop the music ., and  look around me but I don’t see anything when I hear loud stomps I think they were coming down the steps it sounded like they were getting closer by the second  my adrenaline was sky high and I felt like my heart was in my stomach I ran as fast as i could back home…




  1. scary, I was at my cousin house one day and her sister was doing her hair. My cousin started chanting something so quiet I couldn’t eve hear. I think It was applejack or sumthing but as I looked at her in the mirror I saw her reflection change to “bloody mary” and we all ran for our life out of the room. I was the last one out and I barely made it before the door closed. im never going back in that room ever again. .-.

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