dream journal

CHAPTER 1 – Vivian

I woke up breathing hard , I’ve been having this dream for 3 months now . Its starting to annoy me because I know when something is going to happen but it still scares me … Today is my 15th birthday , Dec.31st I push everything out of my mind , and get out of my bed then get ready. 1 hour later I go out of the bathroom , and to my bedroom look in the mirror , making sure the outfit is presentable . When I go downstairs I see my parents sitting at the dining table, I also see my little sister sitting in the seat beside my empty chair. I go over to my chair, an sit down. “Happy birthday!” my little sister Teresa says , she hugs me. My parents put a journal on the table in front of me then they push the journal towards me, I pick the journal up, and read the front . It says “DREAM JOURNEL” at the bottom it has my name engraved in it “Vivian Nicole “ It was beautiful , with designs , all kinds of swirls , shapes , colors but the main color was black , violet. The book itself felt dangerous , and looked mysterious… I got a laptop, the dream journal , some outfits, then money from Teresa. Throughout the day family members kept showing up at my house with gift cards, money , birthday cards with money inside of the cards. By the end of the day I had 200 $. That night I put on the pj’s I had gotten that day as a birthday gift , and sat down on my bed . I picked up my Dream Journal from my night stand , and opened it. The first page was filled with words I was curious because it looked like it had been used. It was two paragraphs , it wasn’t a intro. I read it aloud “Hey, dream journal. Well today was a blast just like any other day. But today things kept happening . I felt ODD like someone was watching me . Kept hearing things. I even looked out my window and saw a girl in my front yard staring at me. In starting to freak out. I don’t feel safe in my own home. I need help I think I might be imagining it but I feels so real! Just , lets hope that it stops soon… bye dream journal. “ wow I thought to myself, this seems like someone had used it as a diary, they seemed to be having visions or hallucinating. I went down the hall to my parents room , and knocked they tole me to “come in!”, I opened the door with the dream journal in my hands behind my back. “hey honey.” my mother said . I sat down on the corner of the bed “mom? Where did you get this journal?” I said with a little curiosity in my voice. “well we got it from a book store, we were going to get you some books from your favorite authors but we stumbled upon this journal , and thought you would like it.” my father said “did you look at the pages inside?” I asked “of course! All the pages were empty, which made me a little curious because it was a book store after all , I thought maybe it was a book named dream journal, by someone named Vivian Nicole. The name was part of the reason we got it.” my mother replied “well , then why is there half of a page filled?” I asked suspiciously “ let me see it” my father said. I handed the journal to my father. He opened the journal , flipped through the pages with his eye brows furrowed . “Darling, there is nothing in here” he said with a confused look on his face.”yes there is!” I said with a annoyed voice , I took the journal from him , opened it to the front page , and looked. To my astonishment there was nothing. I flipped through all the pages but there was nothing. “ sorry , I guess I must have been imagining it “ I laughed an uneasy laugh. “its fine darling , it happens to the best of us” he said with a laugh. I walked down the dark hall to my bedroom, I shut the door , and turned around to see my bedroom. There was something on my bed. I walked over. It was a piece of paper it said “DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THE JOURNAL VISIONS, FOR IF YOUR TELL ANYONE YOU WILL SUFFER” I sat on my bed terrified I vowed to never say anything to anyone about what I see in the journal again. I sat down on my bed and opened the journal once more. I went to the 2nd page so if I decided to get another vision , whoever that was writing would have space to write. I started to write about the dream I have been having for 3 months. “well, hey dream journal I guess im gonna write about a dream I had. It started with me at my house , I was running from a group of people men , and women they were all in suits. Then I suddenly grabbed my little sister Teresa up and ran out of the house. They had set my house on fire with my parents inside. I ran to our field line while holding on to my little sisters hand tightly and stopped at the border line of Sharks Ville , I don’t know why our town is called Sharks ville , were not even close to the ocean. Anyway at the district line there was a guy there he always screamed”take my hand!”most the times I took his hand , but the times I didn’t take his hand I died.. so did Teresa! Those are the worst dreams EVER.” I put the journal on my night stand. Then went to bed.

1. I woke up on the ground… Its been like this for 3 months now . A little annoying if you ask me. I have nothing to do today but have fun. Usually on days like these I go to the library , movies , or the district border line. Today I have decided Im going to the district border line. I get up , and go to the bathroom to get ready. 20 minutes later In an out of the shower , and ready. I spray some cologne on , then look at the mirror one time. After fixing my leather jacket collar I run down the stairs jumping them two at a time. When I walk into the kitchen my mom is at the stove fixing bacon , eggs , and biscuits . Since I don’t feel like eating a big breakfast I get a orange , and a glass of milk. I grab a small bag of chips, cold soda , and make a sandwich. Then put it in one of the lunchboxes mom has bought. I sit down at the dining table , and eat my orange , then in a rush drink my milk. I look at my wrist-watch and it says 5:20 am I say bye , and love you to mom then jump outside. Trying not to slam the front door. I have on my running shoes. I run as fast as I can to the district border line. I love to run. In actually in track. One of the fastest runners there has been at sharks ville high school. I get to the district border line within two minutes. I live 1 mile from the district border line. I put a small blanket on the top of the hill and sit. In just in time to watch the sunrise. I love seeing it. I take my phone out of my pocket and quickly take a picture. Then put it back in my pocket. I always wandered what it would be like if I was so close to the sun I could touch it. Well I know in scientific facts I would die but what about the imaginary ways?it would be amazing! I chuckle to myself. Put some music on , and just sit there. In the distance there is a two story house with a gigantic yard. They have one dog that I know of. There is two girls one teenage and one pre teen it looks like. Then there is the parents. In not a stalker I swear! I just like to watch them coming , and going from the house . They look like a perfect family. Like the ones from commercials! Plus they all have fashion sense , especially the teen. The teen always wears skinny jeans , and crop tops. From what I have seen she has like 30 pairs of shoes. Only one pair is high heels! The rest are high tops, Vans , boots , tennis shoes , or flats. But today she has her bag over her shoulder , and is holding a book. The book has violet swirls around the cover, and a black background color. She is sitting the same direction as me. Towards the sunrise. Then she closes the book and sits it on her lap. The book has a title. It is called dream journal . On the bottom right corner it says Vivian Nicole. I was surprised . I have a book named dream journal too! Mine has my name on the bottom right corner Josh Owens. The colors are black with lime green swirls. It has a feeling about it . Also when I hold it , it burns my hands but it isn’t a bad kind of burn. She stood up. I just noticed the sun was fully up now . She had put her book in her bag , and put the bag over her shoulder. Shes now walking back to the house. I got my things rolled the quilt up , and put over my arm. I picked up the lunchbox , and headed for the woods. When I got to the woods I sat down on a tree log . It was my favorite place to go when I want peace or just to hide from the world. It was now 7:02 A.M. Ive been gone for bout almost 2 or 3 hours. I looked in my lunchbox. Decided I wasn’t going to eat till 2:00 P.M so I put the box back beside me. I looked around. It was suddenly to quiet , the quiet was to loud . When I shuffled my feet the ground made to little sound. I looked around once again. I saw nothing. But I felt like something was watching. “HEY!” something screamed out I jumped and fell off the log “what the freak!!!!” I yell , I look around, and see no one “ you OK?” the stranger says “uh yea but where and who are you?” I say getting up , brushing my pants off. “I’m Teresa , and im up here” Teresa says I look up , and see a girl sitting in a tree “how long have you been there?” I ask “since before you got here” she said “ well how did you get here?” I ask “ wow your nosie! But I live pretty close right up the road at the district border “ she laughs “wait, the 2 story white house ?” I say curiously “yea! How you know bout my house?!” she says surprised “oh , I sit up on the hill at-least once a week to watch the sunrise.” I say , and sit back down on the log. “ my sister was out there this morning” she says “whats your sisters name?” I ask “her name is Vivian” , “Vivian Nicole. Plus she just turned 15!” she says excitingly I smile “ nice , I’m Josh , Josh Owens , and I’m 16 actually just turned 16 the 31st “ she jumps down from the tree and runs to me, “ WHAT!!! that’s my sisters birthday!” “uh no its mine” I smile “well y’all are birthday twins !” she says smiling , I laugh. “well guess so ,” I shrug “what did she get for her birthday?” I ask “ well she got money from me , and some other family members , then some outfits . A laptop . Oh ! And a dream journal ! “ she says “what did you get?” she asks “ I got some clothes, a few books , and a dream journal. “ I say “OMG!” “REALLY?! You got a dream journal too?!” she screams “ aye shh quiet down. But yes I did” I laugh “ well now y’all are destined to meet!” she jumps up , and down. “ no, no, no I cant . I’m not even suppose to be here” I say “why not?” she asks disappointed “well I live on the other side of the district border” I say “ ooo your trespassing! “ she screams “ SHHH!, if I get caught ill get in big trouble with the police.” I say urgently . “ OK ill be quiet , I wish u could meet Vivian…” she says sadly “ I never said I couldn’t meet her” I say smiling . “if you want me to meet her then just come outside tomorrow morning at 5:32 A.M that’s right when I get there. Ill stay on my side of the border , and you stay on yours . But you can’t forget Vivian” I explain “okay! Thank you sooo much!!!” she screams happily and hugs me “how old are you?” I ask “im 9 almost 10 “ she says “alright , I have to go now bye!” I yell back to her as I leave the woods. “okay bye!!!” she yells. On my way back I smiled the whole way. Thought to myself after so long I get to meet this mysterious girl… I got home and noticed I had forgotten my lunch box at the tree log in the woods. I groaned angrily “what is it sweetie?” mom says “nothing mom, ima go up to my room and sleep for awhile OK?” I say “OK love you , sleep tight “ she says “i love you too “ I reply , and go upstairs to sleep. Ill just get my stuff tomorrow. That night I sleep better then most nights , I still have the nightmares but I can bare them for once. I wake up the next morning , and write everything down in my dream journal . But someone else has written in it. I read it aloud.

Teresa came in the house screaming my name she comes to my room with a huge grin on her face. “you have to meet someone tomorrow morning up on the hill at 5:32 A.M!!! “ she practically screams. “SHHH mom is taking a short nap so calm down . Now who am I meeting?” I ask “your meeting Josh Owens “ she says “whose Josh Owens?” I ask a little curiously “well its the guy that comes up to the hill and watches the sunset. He was there this morning you just didn’t see him.” she says “ well how do you know him?” I ask a little suspicious now. “well I was in the woods today sitting in a tree when he came and sat on a tree log below me , he didn’t notice me until I screamed hey! Then I scared him by accident , and he fell. Then I started talking to him . Turns out he has the same birthday as you. Plus he got a dream journal for his birthday too! But his is black and lime green.” she says out of breath now. “wow , Teresa… “ I say astonished . “yep , I know . “ she says I sit down on my bed “ well its worth a try , he cant be so bad. “ I say “hes awesome!!!” with a huge grin “ well then we will both go tomorrow at 5:32 Am , now go to sleep its kinda late. “ I say “ OK “ she replies and leaves the room . I sit on my bed and look at my journal.

I read the paragraph that someone has written in my dream journal “hey dream journal, I have been having this dream for 3 months now. Its getting annoying. What happens is I am in my house , and people are chasing me . Men and women . My house is on fire with my parents in the house. I suddenly grab my sisters hand , and we run out of the house we don’t stop until we get to the border . There is a boy there he screams “take my hand . “ I do sometimes but the times I don’t… I die . So does Teresa. I hate this . These are the worst dreams EVER. “ I stop. Wow. Wander who wrote this, the day before I had wrote about things I have been seeing because I had looked out my window , and saw a girl. I hadn’t been feeling safe at my own home. But I think it was just my imagination. I flip the page so I can write about the things that has happened today and describe my dream. Therese a post it note on the next page it says “ THIS IS A WARNING IF YOU TELL ANYONE ABOUT THE THINGS THAT SHOW UP MYSTERIOUSLY IN YOUR JOURNEL YOU WILL SUFFER “ … “ well then “ I say . I take out the post it note , and throw It away then start writing bout my dream. “vie been having the dream for 3 months its weird. I’m standing at the district border one day . But what different is there’s no sunrise. The sky is dark Grey. The 2 story white house is on fire, and some women and men are chasing a girl.. the girl is holding a smaller girls hand they get to me and I scream “ take my hand!!!” they sometimes do, I don’t know what happens if they don’t . When they don’t take my hand its like the dream cuts off. But when they do take my hand I take them over to my side of the border. The men and women notice the girls on the other side of the border , then mutter something . Finally they go the opposite way of us . I take them to my house and sneak them into my room. I take care of them . They end up living there for awhile but I never get to find out who it is because I never get to see there faces … “ I close the journal then look at my wrist watch its 5:05 A.M I get some clothes ready then take a shower
. at 5:15 I leave the bathroom dressed . I put on some cologne , and fix my collar. Then take the stairs 2 at a time . Finally in a rush I grab some milk and a orange. I eat then make a lunch. Finally I get the quilt I bring every time I leave . I run out the door scream love you mom! And sprint to the district border . When I get there its 5:30 AM . 2 minutes early . Perfect I think to myself , its better to be early then late. I lay the quilt down on the grass and sit. I put the new lunch box beside me , an put a reminder on my phone to go to the woods and get my lunch box that I usually use. then I just sit and wait.

I wake up at 4:00 A.M I get some clothes together , and go to the bathroom. An hour later I come out of the bathroom ready. I look in the mirror , and get my leather jacket. I put it on then walk to Teresa room. Shes sitting on her bed fully clothed. “ come on” I say , she gets up , and we walk down the stairs. I grab us a apple and some orange juice. I hand one apple to Teresa , and give her a glass of orange juice. We both eat fast then walk outside. Its 5:31 A.M then walk up the hill. Teresa gets there first. When I get there , there is a boy. “Hey” he says , he looks down at his phone to check the time . “ hey” I reply , Teresa puts a quilt down on the grass quickly then sits down on it , and pats her hand on the place by her . I sit down , “So I wanted y’all to meet each other.” Teresa says happily. “yea, I ran into her by accident in the woods” Josh says. “ yea Teresa told me about that” I said smiling “Tell her about your journal!!” Teresa says to Josh urgently. “uh, OK , well I got a dream journal for my birthday on the 31st but its not that important. Teresa told me you got a Dream journal too.” Josh says, looking over to Vivian. “yea, mine is black , and violet swirls. Kinda feels mysterious in my hands but eh paranoid right?” Vivian says laughing . Josh thought in his mind “ I have the same feeling” but wouldn’t say it aloud. “yea “ Josh replies , laughing uneasily. “Well! I have to go back inside , and do some stuff , will I be able to talk to you anymore?” Vivian asks Josh “yea, I’m here at least twice a week watching the sunrise or just hanging out.” he says. “alright ill try to catch you!, bye” I say turning walking back down the hill , leaving Teresa up on the hill. “bye” josh replies
when I get inside I walk straight to my room put my pajamas back on and go to sleep.





NOW , this isn’t finished . But im working on it , I have been writing this for a couple months now but i havent really been wanting to write.SO now im in the mood to write , there will be an update of the story tommorow morning or afternoon, hope you enjoy!


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