(LATE) Happy New Years!

Sorry I havent been able to get on in a couple weeks because I havent really been home, But Merry Christmas (late) happy new years (late) i love you all! lol cx…. what did you all get for christmas?

BTW: go watch these videos on Youtube , hes a freind that makes cool vids , and needs more subs!


hey guys!

hey everyone! You all should cheak out this xat chat radio its called http://xat.com/MakesYouDeafRadio . its filled with amazing music with no commercials!It also is filled with awesome people who you can talk to. hope you check it out!


I have added a page to my blog, it is a book I have been writing for a couple of months. It isn’t finished but I will be updating the page every day, there will be an update either in the morning or afternoon. The page is called “Dream Journal” the book is about a girl, and a boy who had their birthdays on the same day. They both got the dream journal as a birthday present an something starts to happen. I hope you decide to try , and read it!. Also I hope you comment , and give me your opinions , or advice.

Also, there might be some typos that I may not have noticed. If you notice any just comment and let me know.

P.S- the story is fiction there will be some unrealistic events that will happen in this story.