Book recommendations

  1. I have some book reviews for yuh haha if you need to know bout a book just come to this page I read 24/7
    I just started the series thirst it is wonderful about a vampire (female) named Sita she is 5,000 years old .
    2.harry potter – this is a wonderful series most think it would be horrible but it surprised me when I started to read it . The adventures of his life .
    3.the house of night series it is more of a mature series even in the beginning
    4.sarah dessen books. She is a amazing author I have read most her books
    5.cirque du freak – this is a awesome series omg I fell in love with this it also has vampires
    6.matched series – this is a action-adventure-romance-thrill-horror book its awesome
    7.the girl who could fly – I love this it is about a girl who could fly ( speaking the obvious) and she was special no one could know she could fly soo she was taken to a place I can’t tell anymore or it will be spoiled xD.
    8.beautiful creatures-this series is awesome the movie leaves out a lot but I actually still liked it.
    9.mary downing hahn bookS-there is some amazing horror books for you .
    10.the boy in the striped pajamas- now this is a very good book about the hola cost I cried at the end
    NOW this is only 10 of the many books that I know about (series,single books) I cried atleast once in most of these I really recommend you try some if these and maybe comment below and tell me some single or series books you want me to try out

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