The Dream Journel

I woke up breathing hard , I’ve been having this dream for 3 months now . Its starting to annoy me because I know when something is going to happen but it still scares me … Today is my 15th birthday , Dec.31st I push everything out of my mind , and get out of my bed then get ready. 1 hour later I go out of the bathroom , and to my bedroom look in the mirror , making sure the outfit is presentable . When I go downstairs I see my parents sitting at the dining table, I also see my little sister sitting in the seat beside my empty chair. I go over to my chair, an sit down. “Happy birthday!” my little sister Teresa says , she hugs me. My parents put a journal on the table in front of me then they push the journal towards me, I pick the journal up, and read the front . It says “DREAM JOURNEL” at the bottom it has my name engraved in it “Vivian Nicole “ It was beautiful , with designs , all kinds of swirls , shapes , colors but the main color was black , violet. The book itself felt dangerous , and looked mysterious… I got a laptop, the dream journal , some outfits, then money from Teresa. Throughout the day family members kept showing up at my house with gift cards, money , birthday cards with money inside of the cards. By the end of the day I had 200 $. That night I put on the pj’s I had gotten that day as a birthday gift , and sat down on my bed . I picked up my Dream Journal from my night stand , and opened it. The first page was filled with words I was curious because it looked like it had been used. It was two paragraphs , it wasn’t a intro. I read it aloud “Hey, dream journal. Well today was a blast just like any other day. But today things kept happening . I felt ODD like someone was watching me . Kept hearing things. I even looked out my window and saw a girl in my front yard staring at me. In starting to freak out. I don’t feel safe in my own home. I need help I think I might be imagining it but I feels so real! Just , lets hope that it stops soon… bye dream journal. “ wow I thought to myself, this seems like someone had used it as a diary, they seemed to be having visions or hallucinating. I went down the hall to my parents room , and knocked they tole me to “come in!”, I opened the door with the dream journal in my hands behind my back. “hey honey.” my mother said . I sat down on the corner of the bed “mom? Where did you get this journal?” I said with a little curiosity in my voice. “well we got it from a book store, we were going to get you some books from your favorite authors but we stumbled upon this journal , and thought you would like it.” my father said “did you look at the pages inside?” I asked “of course! All the pages were empty, which made me a little curious because it was a book store after all , I thought maybe it was a book named dream journal, by someone named Vivian Nicole. The name was part of the reason we got it.” my mother replied “well , then why is there half of a page filled?” I asked suspiciously “ let me see it” my father said. I handed the journal to my father. He opened the journal , flipped through the pages with his eye brows furrowed . “Darling, there is nothing in here” he said with a confused look on his face.”yes there is!” I said with a annoyed voice , I took the journal from him , opened it to the front page , and looked. To my astonishment there was nothing. I flipped through all the pages but there was nothing. “ sorry , I guess I must have been imagining it “ I laughed an uneasy laugh. “its fine darling , it happens to the best of us” he said with a laugh. I walked down the dark hall to my bedroom, I shut the door , and turned around to see my bedroom. There was something on my bed. I walked over. It was a piece of paper it said “DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THE JOURNAL VISIONS, FOR IF YOUR TELL ANYONE YOU WILL SUFFER” I sat on my bed terrified I vowed to never say anything to anyone about what I see in the journal again. I sat down on my bed and opened the journal once more. I went to the 2nd page so if I decided to get another vision , whoever that was writing would have space to write. I started to write about the dream I have been having for 3 months. “well, hey dream journal I guess im gonna write about a dream I had. It started with me at my house , I was running from a group of people men , and women they were all in suits. Then I suddenly grabbed my little sister Teresa up and ran out of the house. They had set my house on fire with my parents inside. I ran to our field line while holding on to my little sisters hand tightly and stopped at the border line of SharksVille , I dont know why our town is called Sharksville , were not even close to the ocean. Anyway at the district line there was a guy there he always screamed”take my hand!”most the times I took his hand , but the times I didnt take his hand I died.. so did teresa! Those are the worst dreams EVER.” I put the journal on my night stand. Then went to bed.
I woke up on the ground… Its been like this for 3 months now . A little annoying if you ask me. I have nothing to do today but have fun. Usaully on days like these I go to the library , movies , or the district border line. Today I have decided im going to the district border line. I get up , and go to the bathroom to get ready. 20 minutes later Im out of the shower , and ready. I spray some cologne on , then look at the mirror one time. After fixing my leather jacket collar I run down the stairs jumping them two at a time. When I walk into the kitchen my mom is at the stove fixing bacon , eggs , and biscuits . Since I dont feel like eating a big breakfeast I get a orange , and a glass of milk. I grab a small bag of chips, cold soda , and make a sandwich. Then put it in one of the lunchboxes mom has bought. I sit down at the dining table , and eat my orange , then in a rush drink my milk. I look at my wrist-watch and it says 5:20 am I say bye , and love you to mom then jump outside. Trying not to slam the front door. I have on my running shoes. I run as fast as I can to the district border line. I love to run. Im actually in track. One of the fastest runners there has been at sharksville highschool. I get to the district border line within two……like it? comment or like for more


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