To many people are depressed these days , Because of Vogue on how the saying is “Thinner Is Better” well guess what … It doesn’t matter how big,skinny,tall,short you are! Your perfect the way you are! God made you the way you are . At the end of the day its your choice to listen to how others think of you. My opinion is that you shouldn’t listen to what others think of you , Because it doesn’t matter what they think it matters what you think! If you don’t like the body you have well then make it the way you want , But please don’t make yourself look the way others want you to look like…Society wants skinny girls nowadays because they think its prettier well guess what if you are bigger say this to yourself “i got beautiful curves” because everyone is beautiful in every single way some are different but we have to learn to accept the way that we are…. This might have helped you or wasted your time because I think i was babbling , But the main point is love yourself for who you are. ❤


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