Thanks sandy you seriously made me wanna write something CX

Ok hey everyone , raise your hand if you don’t Beleive in ghosts!!!
If you raised your hand is one of the reasons because you haven’t ever seen one? Well I respect everyone’s opinion , I hope you respect mine…..
In my eyes ghosts are real , there is supernatural things on this world for example ~ someone has passed away with un~finished business they want it to be finished !! So they stay on the earth until it’s finished , some souls stay and haunt the grounds of the earth in my scary stories page in my blog the stories I put down are things that has happenned to me …
Everyone has their own opinion and this is mine

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-.- BTW : this was not for sandy our little argument lmao inspired me to write this so I give her some credit thanks sandy !!! And also I will be making some other pages for different genre stories


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