Scary story update

Ok my next story is about something that happened to me when I was 12 so this past year and it had happened in the same exact house as in the last story . As you may not know I had a 4-wheeler sometimes known as a quad , and I sing ALOT but it was different this time because……
So it was a normal day just doing my stuff cleaning ,getting ready etc. and singing outside!! Well I had did everything on my to~do list so I decided to go outside and sit on the 4-wheeler ~ quad ~ and sing! So I told my parents , an proceeded to outside I sat down on my 4-wheeler ~quad~ and started to sing “blown away by Carrie underwood” coincidence it was stormy that day.Well , anyone feel de-jah-vu? I felt watched again….. WANT TO SEE THE REST GO LOOK ON SCARY STORIES PAGE ON MY BLOG!!!


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