These stories will be true me and my partner will be posting and if want any up here then comment below

The girl –
OK I was 10 when this happenned, I lived in a 2 story house (3counting basment) my room was upstairs 2nd story and it’s was one night when all my family was downstairs watching movies having fun etc. that my dad ~father~ told me to go to his room and get something for him so I obeyed and went _his room was next to mine upstairs_ so I had gotten his stuff when I walked out of his room there was a straight path to the stairs and halfway through the path to the side was my room *my room didn’t have a door* , anyway when I was halfway through that path I suddenly stopped walking i felt a cold chill up my back. I suddenly felt WATCHED I slowly looked over to my bed …… WANT THE REST GO TO MY SCARY STORIES PAGE ON MY BLOG


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