Fantage is now available on tablets and google play coming soon;iOS version

Ok well I can’t get the tablet version yet cuz my App Store won’t let me get anything right now😱but I have seen how most people keep on just mentioning the negative which is messed up fantage beleive it or not works hard VERY hard to make us happy so appreciate what they do for us they could just shut down everything if they wanted to but I finally found a positive one and there is a store where everything is cheap like where it would be 2000 in the computer fantage it would be 900 on comet tablet or google play version and you have to save the game that part idk about but as long as you save it all the stuff you buy will be on computer fantage TOO !! Awesome right!? Welp I can’t wait to get it I’m gettin on fantage see yah later oh yea and it will come out on iOS soon!


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